Tmux is awesome in case you din't know, however one feature I really use a lot is resizing (when switching from docked monitor to the laptop monitor) and that, sadly, does not work with the Tmux version 1.6 that comes with Debian Wheezy and lets not even talk about Squeeze that came with version 1.3* (yes some people still run Squeeze).

So to be able to use latest and greatest Tmux everywhere, I have compiled it and put it here just so I can queckly download it to any machine I need. For Squeeze I have linked it statically (because it depends on libevent 2* so will not work if dynamically linked on old distros), so the binary is slightly larger but, hey, you don't have to worry about any dependencies.

Obviously you should not just simply run any binary that you have found on the internet, so this is mostly for my own usage.

This is just a gzipped binary. Maybe a package would be nicer but at the same time this also works quite well for me, just wget it, unzip and it is ready for use.

tmux 2.3 for wheezy

tmux 1.8 for squeeze